2022- 2023 Classes

Foundation course

A dynamic class that explores the fundamentals of Iyengar yoga in a dynamic way. This course is suitable for new students and everyone new to the Iyengar yoga method.
Be physically challenged, mentally inspired, and encouraged to establish a home practice.


For those with experience in the basic Iyengar yoga poses and shoulderstand. Here, new postures are introduced such as forward bends, backbends, and also inverted poses as well as pranayama. You learn how to incorporate the use of yoga ‘props’ to give support where needed and to help develop precision in the poses.


Deepen your practice. To undertake this class you need to be familiar with Iyengar Yoga. If unsure please contact Zagyoga Iyengar Studio. More advanced postures are introduced.

Slower Paced class

In this mixed ability class you work at a slower pace with more individualised support. If you are a beginner, or familiar with Iyengar Yoga but looking for a more gentle class, this may be the class for you.