Certificate level: Level 1

Chris first started attending Yoga classes in his 30s when he’d developed a bad back. He did various classes as a busy work and family life would permit. Some 20 years later he discovered Iyengar Yoga at ZagYoga Iyengar Studio. He soon started attending two classes a week and before long started to develop his home practice which led him on the path to becoming an Iyengar Yoga teacher 10 years later. 

He says: “I find a great joy being in a Yoga class or practicing at home. It enables me to connect mind and body, to feel totally present for an amount of time every day. It’s allowed me to see a steady progression physically and mentally which in turn has built confidence, developed will power and brought a balance to my life”

Chris creates a warm, welcoming environment in his classes and believes yoga can be a positive force for everyone.

As an experienced teacher, Chris brings those skills to the yoga studio.  He is calm and focused, ensuring everyone gets the best out of each practice.  Even though I may have done a pose a thousand times before, Chris may add a small reminder like, “now, don’t forget to press into your back foot”, and the pose is completely transformed.  Truly wonderful.   He knows his subject and how to deliver it – a rare combination indeed – all done with an infectious enthusiasm. Don’t miss the opportunity of joining Chris and surely, like me you’ll learn, develop and improve your own yoga practice whilst enjoying a damn good workout! 5-stars Alex Henderson

‘Chris has the perfect approach when teaching his yoga class – he’s clear, he’s calm and he has a relaxed confidence that inspires rather than pushes his students to try this more challenging and ultimately very rewarding form of yoga practice.  I highly recommend.’