Certificate level: Level 3

Monica Bejarano Cortes originally from Spain, moved back to the UK in 2010 from Auckland, New Zealand. Four years on, she moved her classes to her own Yoga studio in the thriving Harland Works, John St in the heart of Sheffield, ‘Zagyoga’ Iyengar Yoga Studio.
She has taught an extensive variety of people, ages and abilities from the elderly to the athlete community including cyclists, runners and members of the New Zealand national rugby team. Monica Bejarano has had the opportunity to train with international senior teachers, including Stephanie Quirk (New Zealand), Pixie Lillas (Australia) and Faeq and Corine Biria (France) as well as with the Iyengar family in Pune, India.

Monica transmits with passion the Iyengar’s teachings as she has learned them from qualified teachers and from her many years of personal practice. Monica’s classes are dynamic, enthusiastic, generous and compassionate.


“There are two main ways that I’ve noticed yoga helping me, really. One is to do with my general health, especially with regards to back and tendon pain. I’m really unsupple, and the classes are really helping to correct that, and reduce the amount of day-to-day discomfort I feel. And the other is with singing — since I started the yoga lessons, loads of stuff from my singing lessons suddenly makes sense and seems miles more easy — breathing, posture, etc. After just a couple of weeks of yoga lessons, my range increased dramatically, and I’m getting much better at the releases that really challenging songs require. Oh, and I suppose a third way would be that I’m just getting to know and think about my body more generally, which can only be a good thing.

So cheers for all that, Monica! :)” Doug

“I’ve attended Yoga classes on and off since my thirties when I started to suffer with some lower back problems. For the last two years I’ve been taking Iyengar Yoga classes with Monica. I find this style of Yoga particularly suits me. I like the detail that is brought to the teaching of the asanas and the thought that has been put into the use of props, allowing safe and effective activity. I find in the class I am absorbed in the study both physically and mentally. This really helps me to clear my head of the usual day to day things that run around in there.Outside of the class I find I’m much more aware of myself physically, and often find myself correcting my posture. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first two years with Monica, she is a great teacher who really knows her subject and is passionate about the teaching of it.” Chris Walker

“In one of the first yoga classes I went to the teacher talked about leaving your distractions and concerns of the day in your shoes that you leave outside the yoga room. And somehow you do. Once you begin an Iyengar class and are standing barefoot on your yoga mat your focus has already shifted and your concerns are different: your breath, inhalation, exhalation, the spread of your toes, the instructions, the stretch, the posture, finding the balance – exertion and then stillness, focus and then relaxation. At the end of the yoga class you can walk outside a little taller, put on your empty shoes and get on with the day.”